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Chronology :

  • A page  about Glass history. In french. Inside a site dedicated to stained glasses. History of glass and architecture together. Complete and very well documented. A complete Glossary also.
  • History of stained glasses chronology, in the Centre International du Vitrail of Chartres website. In french. Complete and very well documented.

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Patrimoine :

  • LIMEN Beni culturali. In Italian. This site traverses, alas sometimes very quickly, the florentine architecture key elements, underlining the conservation of urban inheritance. Very rich references to the towers, palates, streets of Florence.

About the Hotel Porta Rossa stained glasses:

  • Antonio Ugolini, Le vetrate artistiche a Firenze fra Ottocento e Novecento, Firenze, APT, 2002.

About the Porta Rossa Hotel: